GOP Gives the Finger to Community Service

I am saddened and angered that the Republican leaders have such disdain for people who dedicate their lives to making their communities safer, stronger, and better equipped to deal with changing economics.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said the following in her acceptance speech:

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities."

Rudy Giuliani was aggressively dismissive of community organizing in his speech as well.

Obviously, these barbs were directly aimed at Democratic candidate Barack Obama, who spent several years after graduating from Harvard Law as a community organizer in Chicago. While this is the sort of incoherent hate-filled bull that I have come to expect from Republicans, the cheering and chanting of the crowd in response to these "applause lines" was a little disconcerting. For ironically, much of the community work that the GOP's evangelical Christian base does would be appropriately classified as organizing.

Anyone who has done grassroots organizing, community service, or political organizing should have been BOOING these attacks! It is unfortunate that the Republicans, including (yes, I observed the prime-time speeches all three nights) are so emboldened by hateful invective that they can't pause to recognize the hypocracy in their leaders.

So much for the "ownership society" where people are empowered to be the change they believe in. Or does that only apply to abortion protests and gun rallies?

So, on behalf of all the people who have spent time in the trenches actually DOING the hard work of making our neighborhoods and communities better places to live, I flip a big finger in return to anyone who clapped at that line.


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