Healing the Divide... Good Luck

It is my hope that Barack Obama is elected to the office of President of the United States. It appears at this time to be the likely result. As the next President, Obama will inherit a stinking putrid mess:

  • Our military is stretched to the breaking point prosecuting two wars without definable "win" goals.
  • Years of deregulation have created a financial system best described as a foggy swamp. Nobody knows which direction the exit is located.
  • Millions of Americans are without health insurance, many of them children. Those that have health insurance see their premiums rise by double-digits every year.
  • Many of our cities struggle to provide basic services, education, police, and fire protection to increasingly poor populations.
  • Increasing economic and cultural segregation have lead to a polarized country, half "other" and the other half consumed by fear of "other" - terrorists, Muslims, Black people, Mexicans, welfare cheats, poor people, anti-Semites, socialists, Marxists, Arabs, Indians, community organizers...

Unfortunately, in his desire to win, John McCain is drawing on a politics of division to make his case. He has passed the point of "Country First" and proceed on to a new strategy of "Win at All Costs".

I recall thinking in 1999, "If we have to have a Republican President, we could do a lot worse than John McCain." No longer. He has, in the closing days of this campaign, compromised the values and strength that once earned him the respect and admiration of people from all political views with lies, slander, misrepresentations, and general muck. Obama has engaged in misrepresentations as well, no doubt. However, the general consensus of unbiased reviews indicates that McCain has sunk much deeper and lied significantly more. Not to mention inciting, by painting him as a terrorist socialist-Marxist(?), his rabid followers to shreak about killing Obama.

It appears now that since he can't be captain, John McCain is working to scuttle the ship. I would expect more from a veteran and once-respectable Senator.

John McCain, even if you win this election, you are sad and defeated.