Nutcase Radio - 1040 WHO

Twice a year, during the NPR fund drives, I switch my car radio over to conservative talk radio right-wing blathering. It reminds me why education, knowledge, and logical analysis are so important. I make no apologies for being a strong progressive on both social and economic issues (many of which are interrelated, of course). On the other hand, I also see merit in open, substantial, and reasoned debate over difficult policy decisions. Such debate doesn't happen on right-wing radio.

Via the Blog for Iowa Trish Nelson reminds me that the airwaves are full of nutcases disguising themselves as "news".

Des Moines' biggest offender? "NewsRadio" WHO1040 AM, with 13.5 hours of inane nutcase talk each weekday and extended "best of" rebroadcasts on the weekends.



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