Register Endorses Obama

The Des Moines Register has endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States. No doubt, those predisposed to believing that the media are uniformly "librul", will play down the steady drip-drip of high profile endorsements falling to Obama.

Perhaps the conservatives believe that the proudly conservative Chicago Tribune endorsing a Democrat for the first time in history is simply doing so because Obama hails from the great state of Illinois.

Perhaps the following conservatives and Republicans also have self-serving or illogical reasons for endorsing Obama:

  • Colin Powell - Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Republican presidents
  • Ken Adelman - Neo-con Iraq war advocate
  • Scott McClellan - Former Bush spokesman

On the other hand, may they haven't drunk the Republican Kool-Aid. Maybe they don't actually believe that Obama is a fundamentalist Muslim liberal communist socialist terrorist baby-killer who hates America.

Maybe. Just maybe the see Obama as a steady, intelligent, charismatic leader who has the right ideology and the right temperament to guide America by bringing us together as a nation and proactively deal with the myriad national and international crises that will face the next President.

Next up: Ayn Rand returns to renounce lassaiz-faire capitalism and endorse Obama.