Tan and Beige: A Downtown Skywalk Tour

Larry Bradshaw of the Living Downtown Des Moines blog has posted video of a Sunday Morning stroll through the downtown Des Moines skywalk system. This stroll (sans people due to the morning hour) makes me even more sure of my earlier analysis of the skywalk system: it needs to go.

My objective analysis is that the skywalk interiors are an orgy of beige and tan. Yes, they are punctuated by the occasional blue carpet and red accent tiles, but that is hardly a resounding architectural statement that downtown "Des Moines is a place worth caring about."

Original blog post at http://www.livingdowntowndesmoines.com/2008/08/skywalk-tour-video/

According to the National Weather Service, there was perfect strolling weather outside on the morning this video was taken! The City should focus on drawing people to an active, public, safe, and pedestrian friendly sidewalk instead of removing them to the semi-public and visually banal skywalks.


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