Trader Joe's to Open in WDM

According to a Business Record article:

Monrovia, Calif.-based Trader Joe's will open in West Des Moines, a spokeswoman with the privately held chain of specialty grocery stores confirmed today. Alison Mochizuki said Trader Joe's in 2010, will open a 12,200-square-foot store at Galleria at Jordan Creek at 6305 Mills Civic Parkway.

This will please the TJ fanatics out there - I know people who will drive a hundred miles for some Trader Joe's branded frozen something-or-another! Perhaps they will be successful at the Jordan Creek location in a way that Gateway Market was not...

My infrequent Costco trips (I go with a related member) to stock up on tp, bulk tortillas, and olive oil are the only time I make the trek to the Jordan Creek area. Even Trader Joe's will not be able to lure me away from more urban alternatives!


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