I saw this on my Google+ feed (yeah, I actually use Google+ along with two of my friends)...

...and got all excited before realizing it's not for people who are building, designing, making, and hacking physical things like houses and furniture. Turns out the event is for computer programmers! Okay, so the term "design" is technically fair game.

From the Builder's Forum April 5 announcement (

"We’re asking people out there in the trenches really building stuff to crack a few beers with us and share what you’re working on."

An Actual Building Under ConstructionAn Actual Building Under Construction

Perhaps I find this amusing and slightly incongruous because today I had an actual meeting with people in an actual trench who were really building actual things. Don't get me wrong - I honestly believe that programmers, web/game designers, system administrators work hard. They just work differently hard than people in the physical building trades. Building code is not the same as building a wall. Making an iPhone app is not the same as making a coffee table. Working as a "systems architect" is not the same as working as an architect.

Des Moines has a fabulous energy developing around technology innovation. We have somewhat less innovation surrounding the creation and maintenance of our physical environment. I worry about degrading the language of physical craft by equating it to accomplishments in the digital realm.

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